Are the hours going by too fast, do you find yourself rushing out the door? That's the story of my life these days. I am not a night before outfit planner, I've tried to do that and I just end up changing my mind in the morning. These last few days, I've found myself reaching for the blazer, a black shirt and some skinny jeans. It sounds boring to my ears and even though I accessorize the heck out my look, I can't help realizing that I need a little shake-up!

I really do like the blazer/skinny jeans combo, I don't have to iron as much as I usually do - time-saver. But I also don't want to look like I went to bed the night before and just woke up and put on the same clothes. That would be like blasphemy in the fashion blogger world and I don't want my badge taken away! ;)

So I needed to kick myself in the tush and realize that a few more minutes of actually thinking and a little inspiration from some other fashionable ladies, I would be able to get motivated and find my own twist on my favorite default look.

The oversized blazer, the cutoff sleeves paired with plaid pants, the leather leggings and the jean jacket under the blazer are all images that pop into my mind when am racking my brain with what to wear. I don't copy, but it reminds me to expand my mind past the default outfit setting that my brain is set on.


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pic source: stockholmstreetstyle, sartorialist



Darrah said...

I love the diversity in this look! However, I feel like I'd look like a fatty if I wore a denim jacket under my blazer. Very cute for models though.

Anonymous said...

Great inspiration pics! I def. rely on my trustworthy blazers when I have no idea what to wear in the mornings.. which is most of the time. I don't plan my outfits the night before either which leads to me being late on most days. :)

Wow, I've never seen the blazer cutoff look before. But I may have to try this with an old blazer. I like to pair vests under blazers sometimes, similar to the jean jacket idea. The more layers I can get away with the better. I've also seen pics of girls wearing faux fur vests over blazers which I love and plan to try it sometime.

xo, Becs

Aline said...

i'm having the same problem...i'm in a funk! going to try to take some outfit photos...that always motivates me to change it up!

Midtown Girl said...

Awww! I was hoping to see a pic of you love, those are my fav!

But I do love a long blazer over a tunic dress and booties - so pretty!

smarty said...

blazer, a plain colored shirt, and skinnies are also my usual daily getup. i guess also need to shake it up no? love your blog by the way :)

Unknown said...

Love the layering for the denim and sportcoat. That inspires me to do something similar. I have a lot of lighter jackets but they're no match for a blustery day in Seattle!

Pennsylvania medical malpractice said...

Love the last few outfits. So classy chic.

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