Just in case you're forgetting what I look like I thought I would post an outfit. What I learned from this outfit is to never say never. This is the only turtle neck sweater in my closet and the only reason I kept it is because my grandma gave it to me. Surprisingly enough I don't feel like am about to die when I wear it, which is often the case with turtlenecks. It's actually really warm, but with the short sleeves it's a perfect fit under my blazer.

In the cold weather you would think I would want a heavy blazer, but I have a long coat that is form fitting so the tank top, the sweater and the blazer all fit nicely under it. I really don't want to look like a caramel apple when I head out, you know round layered top and skinny legginged legs. Not really a pretty look! :)

Speaking of leggings, I was estatic when I found a pair that resembled jeggings, but werent. I haven't had any jean leggings luck. When you have some curves and petite legs you're just out of luck or you have to hem them and I rarely do that. I need to learn how to sew, but that's a different post.

Also I finally have a picture of me wearing my WHERE boots, thank you again to Laura for sending them to me. I have been wearing the heck out of them, as promised. I just finally got around to taking a picture. I get compliments on them and a lot of people want to touch them because they look so different. Thank goodness I don't mind!

blazer: Express /sweater: Michael Kors/leggings:Marshalls/boots:Where




jordana said...

OMG! HAHAHAHA! We both posted looks with these boots on the same day! Laura accidentally called me Alix in an email b/c she said she sent you the same ones. How funny!Don't you love them?

AlixRose said...

I do love them, the wedge is perfect for walking everywhere. A great twist on a black boot.

Friend in Fashion said...

You look great - love the boots and the blazer! :)


Aline said...

those boots are awesome....love this outfit and good to see an outfit post! i need to work on that lol

Kelsey Lenae said...

i love the jeggings but not jeggings. they look great on you!
that reminds me, i need to invest some serious money in a few pairs of leggings! I have none! :o

lovin the boots as well. i've seen them on sites and then i look on here and whoop you're wearing them. && wearing them quite nicely i might add :) i'd wear the hell outta them too! haha

<3 Kelsey


Nora the Explorer said...

i love your boots! i've been crazy over the fold over boots for awhile but haven't found a pair that i would like to buy. aren't they cute? :)

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

:) I was too tired yesterday and I was making stupid mistakes Have a great holiday Jordana, and enjoy the boots Alix. Love,

WendyB said...

Hey, stranger!

O'STYLE said...

I love your leggings girrrl! They seem very comfortable!


Anonymous said...

LOVES it! The boots are of course amazing. You look fab. Learning how to sew is one of my goals for the New Year.

Happy Friday!

xo, Becs

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