Did the song Bringing Sexy BACK pop into your mind? Well it did in mine! The back of the dress has been severely neglected, strictly for zippers or covered up by long hair. I know I have been at fault most of my life. I have long hair, so I've never worried about the back of the dress and always focused on the front. Well it's New Years Eve dress search time and I am determined not to just be a front of the dress kind of girl. I blame the photos below for being a inspiring influence.

These dresses couldn't be anymore different, the common denominator is the small dip to the middle of the back.. barely. If it's your first time showing off your back this may be a way to go. It just offers a flirty peak and there would be no reason to be self conscience.

I may be going hair up this New Years, but that doesn't mean you have to in order to pull off this look. If you want to keep your hair down, this could be fun because while your dancing on the dance floor or walking from party to party your hair could show off the back of your dress with each step.

It doesn't all have to be about extreme exposure, it can also be about decoration.

Butterflies, chains, sequins, and really whatever a designers mind can go. The back is like a plain canvas, the possibilities are endless.

So when looking for the perfect dress to ring in the New Year's don't think it's all about the front of the dress, the back of the dress should be just as important... almost to the point where you would want to walk backwards! ;)




Rebekah said...

That butterfly on the second to last picture is beautiful! I've always shied away from backless things because i cannot go bra-less. I love how it looks though!

Aline said...

love this post...a woman's back is so sexy when done the right way!

WendyB said...

LOOOOOVE backless dresses. Zang Toi does the BEST backless gowns! http://wendybrandes.com/blog/2009/02/vanity-fair/

InnyVinny said...

Ooh, shwexy. May have to DIY some stuff to decorate the back of a dress...Hmmmmmm.

MizzJ said...

Lovely pics, all of them! Backs are so sexy, as are shoulders and collarbones. There's just something so graceful and sexy about a backless dress!

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Retro Chick said...

I love dresses with interesting backs. The problem is that they never end up in photos!

Meg Kathleen said...

I love the look where the front of the dress is super demure and the back is super sexy.

Friend in Fashion said...

That first white dress is so amazing! :)


Anonymous said...

YES! A backless dress = pure sex! Love this set!

- www.21Arrondissement.com

AlixRose said...

Rebekah - It really depends on the dress right? Some of them make adjustments bc you cant wear a bra, but I totally understand.

Hanako66 - Totally there can be a fine line between sexy and slutty.

WendyB- I remember that dress with the flowers, hot and beautiful.

Inny - If you do you better show us!

Retro - True but people are always walking behind you so its for them!

Meg - I agree its an eleagant look for sure.

Friend In Fashion - I know its so stunning, I love the detail and it just fits her so nicely.

Adam - Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi alixrose:

these are all gorgeous dresses, i especially love the black sequins ones and the ones in the last photo.


{ CopyStrands } said...

Backless dresses define feminine style, so chic, yet leaves things to the imagination!

amber and hilary said...

I'm so down with your idea! gonna make a new years dress with a low back tomorrow!

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