Are you stuck in a Routine? Are you like me and have just royally forgotten about the wonderful world of in living colors such as Purple, Turquoise and Fuchsia, when it comes to your eyelids. It's not on purpose and it's not that am not adventurous its just that am stuck in that darn routine. Oh that's about to change.

Brown and Blue have been my eyelid drug of choice and I didn't even know I was doing it. I guess the first step is admitting it. So am admitting it. I go for brown or blue every single morning. I know its going work, I know how apply it just right and I know no one will give it a "What was she thinking?"look.

There lies the problem. Am a fashion blogger, am supposed to be a litle more out of the box. I believe that was in the fashion blogger all office memo. Looking through my computer inspiration file folders, I ran into picture after picture of amazing eye make up and then preceeded to give myself a swift kick in the tush.

The root of the problem is that am a lipstick girl and we all know the rule. These winter days have made my lipstick ways not as prevelant as before. I still haven't found a great non-smudging lipstick, so my sweaters, some shirt collars and a few coats have met their demise. I like to hide my mouth when I go outside. You would think I would have learned by now. So I've been wearing lightly tinted gloss and my eyes are begging for their turn in the spotlight.

This Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box is actually in my make-up case, but sadly the top two rows have been severly neglected. I am excited to finally play with them.

The Eyeshadow Ammo Box and then there's the eco-friendly, yes eco-friendly sustainable eye shadow box that are going to find a place on my ever growing wish list.

Don't expect to see me walking down the street with eyes like CoCo, am not a make up artist and I will leave that up to the professionals. It's just instead of applying my ever trusting brown, I will blend in a little green. One step at a time right?


pic source: fashiongonerogue,urbandecay,weheartit,tfs



Erica from Unfunded said...

Great article! I have all the Urban Decay palettes you feature and I LOVE THEM ALL!

Unknown said...

I have the urban decay deluxe palette, love it so much i took it with me while backpacking!

You're so right, sometimes I need to jolt myself into trying something new and this post has the right idea :)


Friend in Fashion said...

Gorgeous post - love the Blue in the third pic! :)

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Aline said...

so great...i love that turquoise!

Niki said...

wow these pics are amazing! i love them all! so unique. I think I would try all of these looks if I could do it and not look like a tranny (my biggest tall girl fear when it comes to makeup)

Anonymous said...

The white is so rad! So "Bond-girl!"

- www.21Arrondissement.com

WendyB said...

Before I was a lipstick girl -- way back in high school -- I used to wear striped purple and silver eye shadow!

Nubiasnonsense said...

I need to play more with colors, I do a little sometimes but not so often

AlixRose said...

Erica- You have them all so jealous! I think I need to get them asap!

Jeni - Nice, always prepared right? I wore bright purple shadow yesterday, I am def going to try and mix it up more.

FIF - I love that one too. I wish I knew what kind of shadow that was!

Hanook66 - I love turquoise everything!

Niki - LOL! I dont think size matters, trannyness can happen at any height! lol!

Adam - That's a good description of it.

Wendy - Nice, any pics??? ;)

Nubia - I know thats my problem, its been way to long for me so am back at it.

Anonymous said...

LOVE Urban Decay shadows. That teal color is absoultely amazing. I usually stick to dark blue or dark gray, but should try more of these colors. Thanks for the inspiration pics!

xo, Becs

MizzJ said...

Omg I love that yellow/green shadow look and that photo of Coco is FEROCIOUS. I do wish I had chances to wear such extreme makeup as these in real life - perhaps you could try it out for NYE?

Anonymous said...

okay i'll admit it too, im in a rut. i usually wear neutral colors, but have always loved shadows like #3, 5, and 6, but not a pro or else i would. something i am adding to my new years resolution list.


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