I never broke the rules, but at least I looked like I did. I went to a private high school , we didn't wear uniforms but we had a strict dress code. The hardest rule to follow was no blue jeans.

As a teenager it was like telling me to not breathe. You know how over dramatic you are as a teenager so seriously it was like death. My friends who didn't go to my school had the cool clothes and I had colored jeans.

So my most coveted item was my jean shirt. I wore it in silent protest of the no jean rule. No jeans I'll show them. I will wear my jean shirt. Yeah it sounds silly to me now, but back then it was really my only option.

That's why when I see a jean shirt I get a little nostalgic. I guess that's why it surprises me that I don't have one now.

Maybe its time for my teenage jean shirt rebellious side to grow up. I am loving the way these ladies are styling it.

I won't be pairing it with colored jeans anytime soon, but with black pants, a black skirt or a leather jacket, well that can be all kinds of awesome.

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pic source: stockholm streetstyle, 160magazine,sartorialist, garnce dore



JP said...

Okay, you need to get a jean shirt ASAP. You just gave me a thousand different styling ideas... love this post!


Taylor Sterling said...

jean shirts look so effortlessly stylish on all these women! I need to get mine to do that!

Aline said...

i spent two years in an all girls catholic high school...i know what you mean!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

They do look nice here, but jean shirts have definitely got to be styled properly! Oh, the jean-on-jean look of the 90s...

Grace Like Kelly said...

I love how stylish and put together this can look or edgy...its so versatile, I always look frumpy in button down shirts, I need to try again!

Anonymous said...

The boyfriend trend is still my favourite!

- www.21Arrondissement.com

Anonymous said...

Love jean shirts with black skinny pants. It's such a great casual, yet put together look. I adore the second pic!

xo, Becs

jaunty magpie said...

One of my most favorite shirts was a soft, acid wash (sadly, yes) denim button-down. It was baggy, I'd always cuff the sleeves, and I thought I looked SO COOL in it. I can't maintain my coolness, but I do maintain that it was the most comfortable, well-worn shirt I'd ever had.

Anonymous said...

cute post alixrose..you gotta go get yourself a luscious jean shirt and start rockin' it. you've picked some great ways to wear it.


Unknown said...

ah ! i am so in love with the shirt in the 2nd picture.
what a great style. one off the shoulder sleeve adds such an amazing edge to the style.
this got me !
and i am NOT a jean fan.

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