Leighton Meester and I have a lot in common. Well maybe not a lot, am not an actress or an up and coming music sensation or even call New York home (YET!), but she is a woman who wears many hats and I think any woman can identify with that.

Do you sometimes find your style to be a little schizophrenic, easily going from sophisticated business woman to pretty young thing on a night out - in the course of a few hours?

The lines of our everyday roles can easily blur, but style has a way of subconsciously seeping through. I don't know what makes me so attracted to leopard print or the color red, but I really couldnt live without it. Thinking about my closet resolution, I keep thinking about the motto that the Lovely WendyBrandes preaches and lives by..."Wear What You Want".

I am using Leighton as a perfect example because her style roles are a little easier to see than say mine are. She has a public role that she has to live up to, her style choices are reviewed by millions and as a rockstar, an actress and just a young new yorker, her style can be all over the place.

Yet, she has this way of being inherently Leighton. That's why I like to see what she's wearing because she pushes the lines of her style roles without really losing herself.

Before I started this blog I was focused about what I would wear everyday, but with the title "Fashion Blogger" I feel a little bit of added pressure to always be on. Am not complaining, I like that it challenges me to not be lazy with my style, to try new things and redefine my style. I do feel better about myself, but this added role just made me realize that we all wear a lot of hats in this crazy thing we call life.

So if you start to feel that your style sense is a little crazy and really all over the place, just remember that we all feel like that...even Leighton Meester. I told you we had a lot in common!




Anonymous said...

YES, she has amazing style...all the time!

- www.21Arrondissement.com

Annie Spandex said...

She is so, so beautiful. She looks like a female Stuart Townshend.

Marie said...

Great post. My style is ALL OVER THE PLACE!! I was just thinking about this the other day! Leighton is so cute. I stopped watching GG this season. was it even good? I miss Chuckles Bass!

WendyB said...

A fashion-industry person once told me he didn't care for my jewelry designs because they didn't fit the rest of my "style." I told him that I liked my clothes and I liked my jewelry, so they ALL must be my style. I definitely don't think people should let themselves be labeled! Leighton does a good job of that.

vuesociety said...

i love her more than the blond. why cant i remember her name!? lol

Niki said...

she's got such rad style, and i totally know what you mean by the added pressure of being a blogger. you can't really have an off day without being judged. haha

xo Niki

ps. I am having a haute Giveaway right now! You can win a pretty sapphire blue leather clutch. Details here -> http://ahautemess.blogspot.com

Aline said...

oh she has such a great sense of style!

i'm totally feeling you!

Dream Sequins said...

I love Leighton's style and can totally relate. As a fashion writer/blogger, I feel like I have to be most "on" during Fashion Week, but the rest of the week, when I'm lounging around in my harem pants (aka sweatpants), I don't feel so fabulous ;) Happy New year, darling!

AlixRose said...

Annie - A female Stuart Townsend, he is a pretty man!

Marie - The show is different, but my BC angst from last season was worth it, they are adorable and Chuck is always hot!

Wendy - Wow I cant believe someone claimed to be a expert on your personal style..Wow. I think you responded to it beautifully, its all you!

Vue - Blakely Lively/Serena : People covet her hair.

Niki - I knew I wasnt alone. ;)No days off, you never know who you're going to meet.

Hana - I just adore her, its crazy!

Dream - Fashion week is a lot of pressure, now that Ive actually been I know what to expect now. Also you looked great at all of the show..HNY to you too!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Some of her outfits are fantastic, but yeah, some are a bit out-there. It's good she's having fun.

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