What trend is once again trying to make its case for being too cool not to try? Back in 2008 Jessica Stam appeared on the pages of Vogue UK with heels and socks. Once again the trend shows up on the feet of Miranda Kerr in an editorial spread for Vogue Russia.

The first time around I noticed it, I shook my head at its silliness and then turned the page. Sure socks are logical, I walk most of my life in heels, but together.. well my attitude was more like oh fashion trends you slay me. I mostly wrote it off as one of those trends that I would never try.

I guess I NEVER should say never.

My heels were sitting pretty in my closet while my boots have been getting a work out everyday. So with the images of these editorials I put on my striped socks and by passed my boots.

I must confess I didn't do it with a dress, I wore my safety jeans (you know the ones that look good with everything, even a paper bag) and when I put on my heels I didn't laugh.

I actually liked it.

The silly trend that I laughed at and said I would never try.. well it got me!

Moral to the story: Never Say Never and don't knock a trend until you try it!


pic sources: fashiongonerogue, ru_glamour


JP said...

Even with my Stam girlcrush, I still can't do this. It just hurts my soul, Alix. :)


WendyB said...

There's something pervy about this look. So I like it.

Jesica said...

Considering the Seattle weather and the fact that I ALWAYS have cold feet, I love this trend. The key is wearing fancy socks! I have some kind-of-fuzzy-but-not-too-fuzzy cashmere blend socks that are killer with heels.

And LOL @ Wendy!

Poochie said...

I'd go for it if I was in the mood. Maybe I need to find a way to do this soon...

Annie Spandex said...

I think it's a cute look, and I say the louder the socks, the better!

Anonymous said...

I love love this look, but remember the Prada runway where all the models fell? Socks and heels....beware!

- www.21Arrondissement.com

Kate Moore said...

It's kind of a cute boot look, isn't it?

Aline said...

i love it....i can't wait until it is just a tad warmer so i can try it with a dress and bare leggies

Anonymous said...

I too was against socks with heels but have def. changed my mind! It mixes your look up and I like the flirty vibe, esp. if you wear them with a skirt. I have learned to never say never as well!

xo, becs

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