How do you know that you're admiring someone's style? When you have created a subfolder just to put their looks in! That's what happened with the ever stylish Christine Centenera. I started to have so many pictures of her that I had to dedicate a folder to only her looks. Not only does she have an awesome job as Harper Bazaar's Fashion Editor, but she's from one of my must see Countries.. AUSTRALIA!

She seriously wears a bodycon dress and a pair of heels like nobody's business. She also has alot of restraint, she does not over accessorize. I would proabably be adding an arm full of bangles and at least 3 rings, but not Centenera.

I don't have any doubt that my Christine Centenera folder is going to get a little bigger with the onset of fashion week. She will definitely be one to watch because she inspires me. She's a perfect example of the saying, "Wear the clothes, dont let them wear you!"

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pic sources: fashionspot, stockholmstreetstyle, garance dore



Taylor Sterling said...

she is pretty freaking amazing

Frankie said...

I love all of her structuring.

Great post, lovely! x

tee said...

Ah, I love those Givenchy studded sandals in the second shot! I added magazine clipping of it to my inspiration wall just a few weeks ago. ;)


HoneyBunny said...

Oh yes, she's a stunner! And she's got an amazing sense of style! Love the first look so much! <3

Kate Moore said...

Yah for an Aussie. And yes, every picture sings for me.

jaunty magpie said...

The short, fitted dresses and the exposed legs -- sexy and urbane, but still tasteful! I like the look with tights right now because brrrr, still too cold to be exposing my pale, pale stems.

Polished Sense said...

No joke, I want all these dresses. They are super cute and hug the hips so well. I love the first print!


Grace Like Kelly said...

Ugh I love love love her, she is so inspiring, i too have files of her on my computer of fab pics...you picked great ones!!! love it!

How are you sweets, hope all is well!

Love, Youa said...

She knows what works for her body... that's why "Wear the clothes, don't let them wear you!" suits her so well.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she's always so amazing!

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