Isn't the winter for layers and covering up so that you can enjoy the holidays without having to worry about those inevitable few extra pounds? Well it looks like Alexander Wang didn't get the memo. His grown up business girl has time for the office and the gym.. and she's showing it off with crop tops.

I am all for shaking up the business suit, I think men look amazing in suits and certain elements can transfer beautifully onto a woman's form. Some of those crop jackets would look great over dresses, or tanks paired with trousers. But the cropped shirts .... well I just shake my head at that and say pass.

The look is not suitable for work and it can't even pass on casual Fridays, not that I've tried. The point is that I wouldn't even try. I've never been a fan, I wouldn't even do it if this was the spring summer collection.

There were some definite things that I liked, first the shout out to the Matrix.. awesome, its one of my favorite movies too. Ok so I don't know if he was actually referencing Matrix, but I would like to think he was.

Also, I can't find a picture... I loved the backpacks.. with as much stuff as I carry around am really starting lean that way.

What did you think of A.Wang's RTW collection?

picsource: style.com


Unknown said...

Loving the dramatic look. Not sure if the super-cropped tops would work at say... a bank. But I appreciate his boldness!

Unknown said...

it wasn't my favorite collection, either. i like the second outfit, but i can't get on board with the full-on crop tops - that area of your stomach is such a problem point for so many women, and i don't find it sexy or alluring. oh well, at least he is pushing the envelope and experimenting a bit.

Aline said...

i will never again embrace the crop top

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