I don't have a green thumb, every plant that has ever entered my house has met a disastrous fate. This isn't because I can't stand beautiful flowers around me, oh no... I love the colors and the softness they bring. So if you can't grow them.. wear them!

These are just some of my favorite images from Vogue Russia, China and Germany along with T Magazine and Elle US. They inspire me to remember that flower prints aren't just for little flower girls. They can also exude an sophistication appropriate enough for the office, a sultriness hot enough to wear on a date and a relaxed flirtatiousness for a perfect day in town.

What's absolutely wonderful about flower prints .. they never truly go out of style and they can pop up any season. Flower print, large and small, mix and matched are saturating January through March issues of our favorite magazines .. and I expect to see them more and more as spring turns into summer.

I will be buying flower print pieces from now on and give real flowers a break from my deadly hand!

pic source: fashiongonerogue


Anonymous said...

Flower Power! I'm hooked!



Kate Moore said...

Flower power indeed. I am not much for small print florals, but these big bold and edgy florals - bring it.

Anonymous said...

funny post, but absolutely gorgeous with all the flower print out there. i am so loving the top and second images.

Stacy Lou said...

the long-sleeved floral D&G dress is beyond lovely. i want, i want! hmm, wonder if H&M are doing anything similar, they are more in my price range.x

Vint junky said...

Beautiful images, i love the mis-matched floral seperates, cute & quirky!

glassofmilk said...

Florals are they best, they are so pretty and they just pop! I especially love rose prints!

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