Leather jackets are too cool for school. I have a few, but lately I've noticed that they haven't been coming out of the closet lately. Could it be the color? Black is versatile, edgy and the go to color in the leather jacket department, but I noticed that its not the only color.

What I like about a leather jacket being orange, white or purple is that its so unexpected. It will definitely make you stand out from those around you and it takes your outfit to another level that a black leather jacket can't do.

Am not saying to get rid of your black leather jacket, I could never part with mine.. they're timeless and there's not many pieces of clothing that you can keep forever.

These pictures just inspire me to keep my eyes out for a little color even when looking for leather jackets.

pic source: stockholm streetstyle, sartorialist,weheartit


Ashley said...

Ooo I love the chocolatey brown leather jackets, I'd gladly add one of those to my closet! And the white one is gorgeous too!


medine amory. said...

I have never owned a leather jacket! It looks so cool on so many people, I just look weird!

But I like the idea of leather in different colours! Good way to blend the trends of this season. ;)

WendyB said...

The orange one is killing me! I was desperate for a turquoise leather jacket in high school. My good (male) friend had one and I was always begging him to give it to me but he used common sense and didn't give in!

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

Colored leather makes leather more interesting.

Alice said...

I love coloured leather jackets! And the more enexpected the colour is, the better!

Retro Chick said...

That purple jacket has now camped out in my brain in a section marked "Must Have now now now!"

cupcake♥trash said...

great inspiration.

Glendy said...

You know I have been noticing colored leather jackets too, now I gotta find me the prefect red leather jacket, that'd be awesome :)

Much love,

jaunty magpie said...

I like the warm tones; sometimes the super bright ones look too unreal to be real, you know? The merlot colored jacket is a great hue; unique and so very wearable!

Anonymous said...

I wish I didn't wear only black, cuz this is awesome!

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Aline said...

yes, please.

superman leather jackets said...

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