Align CenterButton down shirts, blazers, jumpers, jackets and even dresses have all been jumping on the jean fashion bandwagon. I thought I was being a rebel when I posted about the relaxed easy fit of a jean shirt, but it just seems I was on the cusp of an explosion.

I have to admit that I'm always afraid that going all jean maybe tooooo western, I love boots and this combo will only add to the cowgirl label. I am only comfortable with that look at themed parties... but the appeal from these pictures has me expanding my jean narrow mind.

I can see myself being inspired to wear these pieces. It would be a perfect look for a spring afternoon, as I sip tea while walking through Sculpture Park . Could I really wear these during the week? Fortunately, I work in a casual setting, but the blazer, the jeans and the dress - separately would be the only things I would feel comfortable dressing up.

As for the dark side of jeans, I am a fan. I prefer the dark jean look, it slims and I usually feel a little taller. But am not ruling out the light side of it, it's definitely growing on me. The crisp fresh look just screams Summer!

Will you be hopping on the jean bandwagon and what color jean do you covet!?


Ellie Di said...

I've always been a jean girl; I'm just now trying to branch out into more skirts, dresses, and slacks. But I did just recently bridge that gap! I bought a denim dress at the thrift store that's so comfortable and cute. I don't think I'll be going back to jean jackets any time soon, but this jean dress might be my new go-to for spring!

Anonymous said...

I don't think this is a trend I will be following. Jeans head to toe even though it looks nice in these editorials, I don't believe will translate well in real life, for me anyways.

I'm with Ellie Di moving towards skirts and dresses this season.


AlixRose said...

Eli D and Empress I completely agree. I like the way the jean on jean looks but irl I know it's a one way ticket to fashion jail.
I do like the jumper though. As I said am all about the jean pieces separately. I love that blazer!!!


MizzJ said...

Hmm I think the overall jean look would only work if it's 1 overall item, like a jumper or dress. I'll probably just stick to my denim pants and skirt for now. Maybe a good alternative would be to wear denim bottoms and pair it with a denim colored non-denim top?

Anonymous said...

i am loving it too. being seeing it everywhere.

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