As I was singing Kokomo and reading over my island love affair post I was inspired to find some swimsuit images. I instantly found myself looking at one pieces, I know it all stems from that lovely image of Milla J in a red and white polka dot swimsuit. Are you more of a one piece woman or do you prefer the bikini?

These images totally reinforce the idea that one piece swimsuits are just as sexy as a bikini.
Don't you think?



Aline said...

i love this post and love the one piece look!

Love Stella Rose said...

I agree, My husband not so much! ;)

AlixRose said...

Thanks @hanako66!
Yellow - Lol! Do u need me to talk to your husband? ;)

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

I just bought two one-piece suits for this very reason! Coverage & sex appeal FTW!

AlixRose said...

Adiel - Hahaha way to go and yes FTW for sure!

Elea Carey said...

Yay one piece! Covering up is sexy!

WendyB said...

I think it's so much easier to find a bikini that fits than to find a one-piece!

Kate Moore said...

I am a fan of the one-piece. Bold bright colours, interesting lines, you can dress it up and wear it out. They're not just for the beach.

Annie Spandex said...

Definitely! Especially that first one :)

Anonymous said...

after looking at these images i want me a one-piece, of each one please.

great post!

Anonymous said...

I love the look of a one-piece, but oddly enough, I find a bikini much more forgiving since you can adjust the fit of the bottom. I find that all the bulges I didn't even know I had come out in a one-piece. But I wish I could wear them!

MizzJ said...

1 pieces can totally be sexy!! It's the woman that makes something sexy, not the suit I say ;)

Anonymous said...

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