Today's look was inspired by Leighton Meester. If you've been following my style blog you know that I adore her off screen style. When I was getting dressed this morning, I instantly thought of her long cardigan belted look. She's of course wearing an adorable dress, but since it's freezing in Seattle I rounded out the look with a white t-shirt (Forever 21) and skinny jeans (Forever 21).

It's my second day of animal print - I like leopard print, what can I say? My long cardigan is from Marshalls, I need to go back there asap!

My shoes are a different story! I used to work at Emma Hope Shoes in London and these shoes were my free pair.. but I worked for it, trust me. I really don't buy expensive shoes, so I never would have been able to afford these. So these are not only beautiful shoes, but knowing that my hard work earned me these, make them a little special too.

What am craving:
It's cold outside, but the sun is still shining. The question is, do I have any sunglasses? I seem to lose them on the daily. Here are some fun inspiring looks and sunglasses that I would love to have in my drawers!

How many pairs of sunglasses do you have?


pic source: weheartit, whowhatwear


MizzJ said...

I love sunglasses! You picked some real beauties, but I have such a hard time finding ones that fit my small face! Any tips?

gilagoddess said...

♥ your selection and I have 7 pairs....ah yes I am greedy! ;P x

Style with Benefits said...

OMG, I am on the hunt for a similar leopard cardi like yours! Loves it! Belting long cardigans is one of my fav things to do. It's such a fantastic put together look.

Dig the sunglasses too. Unfortunately because of my cheeks and lack of (nose) bridge, I can't wear most sunglasses I do like because the frames automatically touch my cheeks. Total bummer and limiting to my small sunglass collection. Great post, lady!

xo, becs

WendyB said...

Love those Wang sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

many [enough said] <-- compulsive buyer.

Vans Trainers Uk said...

WOW! gorgeous! such a lovely collection i love these styles thanks for sharing. Usually i like casual wearing..! jeans with dc shoes and vans trainers uk shoes. MY eye stuck to see Here lovely collection.

Taylor Sterling said...

those sunglasses are amazing! I think I may just have to get some too!

Kim Jackson said...

Sunglasses--or sunnies, as I have recently taken to calling them for no particular reason--are such a fun accessory. I just got the best pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs. I have 5 pair total right now, but I will want more new ones for this spring/summer. I am looking for a fly pair of aviators to add to my collection!

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