Ah Spring love.. I've been following Every Little Counts for a long time. Their clothes are so inviting, like you could wear them all day and still feel stylish. It's hard to find clothes that speak to you, but these ones tear at your heart strings. Their Spring 2010 collection is titled "A Girl In Love" - with names for their clothes such as Rescue Me, Faraway Places, Charming Girl and A literate Passion - you don't have to be in love to love these. To get a closer look at the different styles offered fall in love here. The faraway places tank has definitely made it on my wish list!

Love can be fun and a little wild..and even extend into the winter, imagine that! ;)

This is where Wild Fox Couture comes in, this brand has edge without losing style. They will be taking love into the cold months with their black/white collection. The "I'm In Love" shirt with its middle school homage doodle is my favorite.. but something about skull and bones with heart eyes is a little fun too. You can find Wild Fox here!

Moral to the story: Love - every little of it counts and its fun when its a little wild, you fox!


Dream Sequins said...

These pieces are adorable. Thanks for sharing, chica :) I can't wait for spring to officially arrive so I can wear lovely light layers again!!

MizzJ said...

Aww you're right, the I'm in love shirt is just adorable!

Btw I'm hosting a giveaway! Tell me your holy grail beauty must-haves, and you could win!

My Favourite Things said...

Ooh, Every Little Counts looks like a great line. Thanks for introducing me to it!

~Your newest follower :)
Come check out my blog!

Anonymous said...

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