Ok, so it might actually be hair's worst enemy. I tend to avoid hats during the winter because I get the worst hat hair, but during the summer it's a different story. Nothing changes an outfit like a hat, a floppy one can add whimsy, a structured one can add sophistication and a oversized one can make any outfit playful.. every way it makes the look. So it's no wonder that the hat made it onto my Spring Summer Series Must have List. I seriously want a big floppy one to wear while I sit on a lounge chair on a deck sunning... that would be the best day ever.

Net a Porter Eugenia Kim : Sunglasses Hat and Honey Striped Hat

Asos French Connection

I am pretty sure that my love of hats stems from my love from the television show Blossom that I professed in a previous post. So glad am not the only one who was influenced by the fashion of that show.

Are you a year round hat lover or is a just a summer fling?



Elea Carey said...

Sooooo what hats are good for girls with really really short hair?

jamieofalltrades said...

I'm going to Greece is September and taking a fun at with me for sure.

WendyB said...

I love that Blossom gets the credit.

Six Six Sick said...

I'm a hat fanatic, and that first hat is to die for!!!


Every Little Counts said...

Blossom was genius! Is it available online? I must watch again!

That top Asos hat is BEYOND amazing! I must have it!!!

Anonymous said...

Some great men's options too! I was looking into this just yesterday! GOOD CALL!

- www.21Arrondissement.com

by Sutton said...

i love hats... these are great!! cant wait till summer beach activities!

just found your blog & i love it... following you!

vuesociety said...

good call!! I've been strugging to find them but i will. you inspired me!

Beth said...

I'm actually quite the opposite! I love hats in the winter, but I think that's because temperatures reach below zero here.

I've always been tempted to try a floppy hat, actually! Maybe this will be the summer I try it.


The Anthology said...

Definitely a year-round hat lover. Tis the best way to protect your hair from the Vancouver rain.

Summer hats are always gorgeous though. Can't wait to pull them out of the closet.


elegantnodes said...

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Ashley said...

I *love* giant floppy hats, and that hot pink one is really calling my name!


Anonymous said...

i so wanna have a fling with a fedora and floppy hats this summer. i hope you get yours to.

Anonymous said...

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