It maybe because I watch Sheer Genius on a regular basis, but I have been dying to get a hair cut. I've had my hair long and straight forever, last September I added a little bit of layering. I was hesitant so it barely looked like I did anything to it. Well today is a different day and I feel like having fun.

My birthday is in May and this year feels great so all the more reason to have a little fun with my hair. In case you have forgotten what I look like now, here's a pic. At 6pm today I don't know what I will look like... but am excited!

The inspiration collage is what am thinking, but when I sit in that chair today.. who knows!

Also do you like the collage?That's new and I might be doing something like that a little more often.

Happy Sunday!

UPDATE: I will not be getting my hair cut today. I play catcher on a co-ed softball team and I got hit square in the mouth/nose, by a ball that clipped the bat. I passed out, but I got an ok from the paramedics, nothing broken. My mouth and nose are swollen, I also have a headache but I should be feeling and looking better in the days to follow. Haircut postponed till next weekend.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: I feel much better and have an appointment scheduled for later today, excited!


JennyPurr said...

I really like the shorter cut on the lower right corner of your collage. It would look great on you! Very fresh!

Unknown said...

love your blog! inspiration!

Anonymous said...

great job on collage...so sorry about your accident. i sure hope feel better and your swelling disappears soon. your hair is cute already, but i think if you do go through it, i am liking the image on the top right hand corner. can't wait to see photos of your new look.

be well girlie

Shalonne said...

Sorry about the injury. That sounds painful. Good thing nothing is broken. I'm excited to see your haircut though!

MizzJ said...

Ouch! Glad to hear you're ok! I like the 2 photos in the top left the best, which is basically a more voluminous and messier version of your current cut lol. Helpful I know, but I thnk your current look is cute!

Annie Spandex said...

Oh no! Get plenty of rest and heal up soon xx

Style with Benefits said...

Ahhh, I hope you are doing better by now and the swelling has eased up! Sorry to hear you got injured.

When you do get your hair cut, I cannot wait to see pics! As someone else with long hair I always get the urge to chop it all off too but I'm too chicken right now. :)

xo, becs

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Vyque said...

aww, feel better soon, will I see you next week?

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