The next installment in the Fashion & My City - Combatting Misconceptions Series - The ever stylish Becs from Style With Benefits will be setting the record straight on Silicon Valley!

She will talk about the big misconception, trends that are taking the town by storm and designers that you should know about.


1. People outside of Los Angeles think that everyone dresses like they came out of a Hollister store. And while there are plenty of people who do dress in the beachy/surfer-style due to L.A.'s gorgeous weather, there is more to L.A. style than the laid-back preppy look.

2. It's hard to nail down one trend because I really do find that most people in L.A. like to experiment with their styles. Recently, I've seen girls wearing floral dresses paired with ankle or combat boots, denim cutoffs with black tights, lightweight scarves paired with dresses, and fedoras or slouchy beanies.

If anything, and this is probably relative to other cities, people like to mix high with low items in their looks. For instance, I'll see someone wearing all vintage or a Forever 21 dress paired with a designer handbag or pair of shoes.


2. Seneca Rising

Both are amazing LA-based designers.

Anything fashion related that you want more people to know about

While L.A. is often associated with a laidback lifestyle, it's also connected to the Hollywood/glam style. Sure, image plays a role out in L.A. because of the Hollywood scene, but again, it's not everything. Depending on where you spend your time, it can be the furthest thing from people's minds. As a diverse city, there's a respect for individuality which is why I see so many different styles in L.A.

Thanks again to Becs and make sure to check out this lovely lady's inspring fashion blog!

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If you would like to share a little insight on your city please email me alix(at)alixrose.com

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Midtown Girl said...

I love the misconception clarification! I thnk people (esp us East coast folk) are used to seeing the reality shows with everyone wearing the same laid back gear. We don't get a chance to view the stunning local designs (such that are shown here).

Such a great post!!


ps - wait, does my comment rhyme? LOL!

Wrecked Stellar said...

Fabulous post! I agree- we're not all surfer dudes and dudettes here! And I love Seneca Rising- I'm wearing a dress from the brand on my new post :) And hoping you can still make my slumber party- send me your photo! xo, mel

Style with Benefits said...

Thanks for letting me partake in this fun series! It looks great!

I forgot to point out that another reason why everyone's style is so diverse out here is because of where everyone's from. There are so many people who live in LA but are not from LA (like myself - east coast transplant). I think our own style is influenced by LA, but we also keep a sense of style developed from our hometowns. Just another thought. :)

Thanks again, lovey!

xo, becs

Elea Carey said...

What a fun post. I really envy the LA/SoCal weather, as you can tell from my own cranky posts on my blog. But I enjoy seeing the local LA designers, who don't seem to be dressing exclusively for endless summer.

L.A. Stylist Mom said...

I don't think people outside of L.A. have a misconception that everyone here dresses like a beach dude, as much as they're under the misguided notion that we all dress like Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan, which to me, is infinitely worse!

Anonymous said...
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Kay | UPrinting.com said...

Thank you for sharing this post,it really gave me an idea on how beautiful and comfortably I can live in L.A, I hope I can visit it one day!

Anonymous said...

I 'm Canadian and only know what I see on TV and thats beach wear all day long. Nice to see theres actual fashion there!

Unknown said...

I think compared to OC LA definitely has less Hollister going on ;P Admittedly I'm not from LA and yet I find that my style has changed since moving here (it's been 3 years). I don't know if it's that I'm more casual or that I pay too much attention to what other people wear, but I guess it just happens.

And it is hard to pinpoint specific trends here! I think it depends entirely on what group of people you look at i.e. you would follow people who dress like you or are from the same "group" as you. I do think that the fancy nails is a big deal here...and Coach/Gucci/LV. Hardly see any other big brands ;P

Anonymous said...

Hi Alix...

I love this post. Thank you so much for sharing it with us and showing LA some love. I live in the LA area and can agree with the laidback appeal but with a POW every now and then.

I will check out Style with Benefits blog pretty soon.

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