It's almost here, a month from today will be my birthday and I need your help. I am on the hunt for the perfect dress. I want something flirty, mini and colorful..not too much to ask right? I haven't really started looking, but I've looked and I haven't found the one. This is why I need your help...

These two couldnt be anymore different right? I love them both, the dramatic edge to the left one and the party element to the one on the right. I want the dress in the middle of these..

The ones above are from Rent the Runway, have any of you done that? Am not sure if I want to go the renting route, but am not closing the door on it either. There are a few more that I really liked on the website but they were booked.

Where did you get your birthday outfit, can you recommend any shops in Seattle or even online that I should check out? Is it too late to have someone make the dress? So many questions, if you can help in anyway.. thanks!


Lara said...

Veridis on Cap. Hill has lots of fun dresses. Go for bright colors and ruffles or drama- it's your birthday- ie your turn to shine!!!

Anonymous said...

i am on the hunt for a dress too for a quincaneara (sweet 16) late summer and i've visited RTR to no avail yet, but i have not given up. i will definately keep you in mind if i see something sweet and flirty. i know LULU*s sometimes has some cute dresses that you may consider. here is they're link if you like to take a peek...


Unknown said...

Good luck with your hunt...I have the hardest time with dresses, but I always go to the big online dept. stores for inspiration first, as they always have scores and scores to view!

Pretty Shiny Sparkly said...

You could check out http://dressesforbreakfast.com ! Also, this company makes FABULOUS dresses: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=39139357

My bday's on May 1st, we can celebrate together! ;-)


Charli said...

What a coincidence my bday is then too, hehehee, I want a dress too, pretty and cute and saying 'I WILL NOT GROW OLD IN STYLE NOW I AM TURNING 24' you need one for 30. Woot, i wish we were celebrating together Brank, love the ones you picked.

Charli said...

I of course meant 25, i've shaved a year off in the vain hope but no i am definitely half of 50 this yr.

Love Stella Rose said...

i've been on the lookout for my vegas dresses so thanks for this post and to everyone else for all the great links

Style with Benefits said...

Personally, I love the red dress b/c it's the standout color. You've looked on the department stores sites? Shopbop?

Good luck with the dress hunt. At least you're shopping for something fun! I'm sure you'll look fabulous in whatever you wear.

xo, becs

Elea Carey said...

Finerie on First Ave, Synapse 206 in Pio Sq. What will you be doing for your bday?

gilagoddess said...

Oh what a stunning selection! You look beautiful in all of these styles.... the yellow dress is my absolute favorite!

Have ya tried http://mlh-shop.com/categorie/mlh-party-dresses / http://www.tobi.com / http://www.lagarconne.com Good luck & enjoy babe xx

Stephyy said...

Omg same here! My birthday is next month too and I was going to design my dress but I don't have the time for that but hey let me know if you find anything!! :)

Anonymous said...

you can also try http://edressme.com they have a great selection of dresses for great prices.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Try looking at lulus.com if you're still looking. They have lots of colorful, fun dresses in all different styles.

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