I was going to take a picture of my new purchases on a white background, but I love my new necklace (Target) so much that I just had to put it on. The sunglasses on the other hand, I loved them when I bought them and then when I got home, I was like.. hmmm! So I thought I would put them on and ask you.
I usually stick to one style of sunglasses, but I thought in my resolution to be a little riskier with my look that these larger than life ones would be fun.

Also am seeing a pattern: Shoes that are new to my wish list!

Cutting this post short because its actually a Sunny Sunday in Seattle and am not wasting it!


Candidly Chris said...

Those wedges are INCREDIBLE!

I'd have to stop you in your tracks if I saw you in the street with those - I really love them!


Ashley J said...

I love the new necklace!

Kate Moore said...

I think the sunnies are fun. Go on, have fun in them. If you only wear them for a season, but with a sense of fun, who cares. Be daring.

WendyB said...

I'm a big fan of wedges.

WendyB said...

I'm a big fan of wedges.

Kazuko said...

the sunnies suit you very well, especially with your fringe. very holly golithly-like!

Kaye said...

I was just in Target the other day and I didn't even notice that necklace. Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Hot I'm all over the white ones!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alix!

Thanks so much for reading my post on Milla, I think I may take up your suggestion, that is such a good idea. Hopefully I get to do it soon.

Love your whole, your new haircut is cute, the sun shades are the perfect shape and your necklace from tar-jay is GORGEOUS.

Hope you are having a FAB one.


thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

I love shoes and these are some great ones!

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