That when I wish I don't limit myself. There's no box you can put me in, when I like something I don't think about what image am trying to portray! Which is a contradiction to a dream I had last night, but when you wish list you're not really thinking about anything, you're just wishing. Nothing else is so freeing! So what do you find out about yourself when you're adding items to your wish list?

When it comes to dress shopping my personality is split. I go from neighborhood darling to party girl! I guess most women have those two sides to themselves.. we cant exactly be sexy on the outside all of the time.. and we don't always want to be seen as a goody two shoes. Oh what a fine line we walk!

A fine, but fun line. These are some of the dresses I added to my wish list from LuLu's and Filthy Magic. Thank you to my commentors who introduced me to these sites!

What have you learned about yourself from your online wish lists?


Anonymous said...

Love the third outfit.


Wrecked Stellar said...

Loving the red dress! My wishlist is full of expensive things that are probably overpriced so I hope the prices will come down when I view my wish list in a few weeks- either that or I cry because the things I want are sold out in my size by then! xo, mel

WendyB said...

All great choices -- I especially like the ombre.

Ashley said...

Ooo that 2nd dress, the red and black one, is definitely being added to my wish list!! And I wish I could say I learned something about myself by checking out my wish lists, but honestly they are ridiculously chaotic and random!


Unknown said...

love everything here xxxx

Unknown said...

From my wishlists I learn that I like cooler, rocker styles but I seldom buy them. I also like to choose more daring outfits like shorter skirts/shorts, etc which I wouldn't normally pick out in the store.

I like the 3rd dress <3


Annie Spandex said...

I'm loving the top two and bottom left dress!

Elements Magazine said...

Hope you'll take part in Elements Magazine's jewelry contest! You just have to answer two questions!


Nice blog!


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Brunch girls said...

We just stumbled across your blog and we LOVE it!
Definitely will be following!

Great post as well!


Kaye said...

I agree that most women have more than one side when it comes to dressing, but that's what makes it fun!

Anonymous said...

the second dress is dope, would love to see you rock it!


Elea Carey said...

A thought-provoking question!
I learn that, as my mom used to say when we ordered in restaurants, my eyes are bigger than my stomach. My appetite! I do want and want and want. Only a very grownup attitude about the environment and consumerism and what makes me happy keeps my appetite in check.

Every Little Counts said...

i'm tagging you to spill out the contents of your purse!

Anonymous said...

i am the same way when it comes to my selections i wish for ~ sometimes sweet and feminine ~ and other times a little edgy ~ but always classy and chic ~ that's what i love about lulu*s ~ they have a little bit of everything ~ have you viewed their vintage wear yet?

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