It's no secret that Dianna Agron, Quinn from Glee has her own sense of style. She definitely stands out on the red carpet. Is it a breath of fresh air or does she need a stylist?


Personally I think its a breath of fresh air, just because she's not flashing cleavage or wearing a mini doesn't mean she isn't fashionable. Not that mini and skin are bad, am guilty of both, but I know the pressures of Hollywood glam can be overwhelming for a young star. We've seen many young actresses fall into the skinny, show what you got style pit falls.
So, even though Dianna style isn't necessarily my own, I still admire it. She comes off confident and happy in what she is wearing ... and when it comes down to it that always makes the look!

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Anonymous said...

I don't know so much about her style 'cause I don't follow the series or anything, but I think for the photos that she's a breath of fresh air.

I have to say that there is some of her clothes that I would never put myself, but she wears some cute things, and it's not necessary a mini or whatever to look good.

There's nothing like feel comfortable with what you put on.

- Laura

AlixRose said...

Laura I completely agree. Her style is nothing I would ever wear, but she looks beautiful and comfortable!

Stacy said...

I love her! She's so pretty!

Anonymous said...

While my body type just wouldn't work in these clothes, it works for her completely and you are absolutely correct, how you feel in what you wear is the most important part!

Ripped Nylon

Nguyen Tien Manh said...

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Love Food said...

I agree, she is such a breath of fresh air. Perhaps there's some outfits that aren't always perfect, but lets face it, stylists don't always get it right either!
I love those little satin shoes she's wearing on two of the pictures, I'm on the look out for some similar, if anybody knows where I can get some I would be most grateful!

Lydia xxxx


Kaye said...

I think she's beautiful!

jennine said...

i almost didn't recognize her not-pregnant.

Mina said...

i know what u mean about the magazines with the skinny models. even if u dont want to they just make you feel crappy about the way u look. thats why i stopped look through them. i just check style blogs for inspiration now. and when i see a glamazonian i try to tell myself that they are a very small % of the population. if u walk down the street most women dont look like that. dont compare yourself to a glossy but rather find an achievable target and measure your progress by that. much better and healthier dont u think?

Elements Magazine said...

<3 Glee!

Dianna looks amazing ;)

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