You can't plan when you fall in love, it just happens. If you've been reading Alixrose you know that I have been in search of the perfect pink lipstick.


It seems like everywhere I turn pink is there and I thought instead of trying to run from it, embrace it. I've tried a lot of lipsticks, but some were too pink, too orange or more of a night look rather than a day. I wanted a day one that would carry me through different outfits and tea cups.

Rose Hollywood from Dior Addict kinda snuck up on me. I was buying my face make up when I saw it, I tried it on and that was it. LOVE! It wasn't too bright and for some reason just made me feel summer ready.

The picture above doesn't quite do it justice, its brighter than this in person and definitely on the lips. It glides on easily, my lips feel moisturized and it doesn't really matter if its a rainy day in Seattle my lips feel like the sun will be out any minute.

If you are looking to add a little pink to your life in the form of a lipstick, I highly recc'd this. Yes it was $26 dollars, but its not very often that you find a lipstick that you can use daily.

Needless to say I look forward to putting it on!


Carolyn said...

oh sigh love that ysl ring.

anyway how have you been girl?? been a while since the blogmeetblog event. hope you're fabulous :)

Nat said...

It looks like a nude to me, but I'll take your word that it's brighter. You should take pics!

Beth said...

That looks like the most complimentary color to everyone who wants a good pink lip color.

I have a very similar color from Chanel-- it's the same sort of pinky nude, and seriously, it's a subtle color change, but it makes a huge difference. I'll have to check out the Dior lipsticks now!

Anonymous said...

It seems a cool color, but I can't imagine it on. You should post some photos :)

I don't use lipstick normally 'cause I don't find any great. I put gloss with a bit of pink color.

- Laura

Love Food said...

Not normally a lipstick fan, but this is such a lovely shade. Those pictures at the top also make me long to be somewhere hot instead of rainy England.

Lydia xxx


Ashley said...

I am not usually a lipstick girl - I normally just throw on some Burts Bees lipgloss and go. But this review has got me wanting to try out some Dior! I could go for the perfect peachy pink lip color this summer!


louis vuitton replica handbags said...

nice, i really love the lipstick. lol

hilal said...

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That looks like the most complimentary color to everyone who wants a good pink lip color.

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