It may be because of the Tom Hanks marathon on television last weekend that had me sitting through 4 hours of Forest Gump or because of this UK Vogue editorial.... but am pretty sure its because my favorite thing to do on Sundays is dream a little dream. Travel is one my passions and when I daydream of a destination I think what will I wear?


I know Forest Gump isn't real and not any sane person really wants to run forever. But when he puts on his tennis shoes and decides to run across the country a billion times over a little part of me was jealous. I would love to just pick up and go sometimes, pick a place on the map and just go.

Then I saw this UK Vogue fashion spread and my wanderer heart strings were pulled. I might not be able to pack a bag and take off to Australia, that's where I really want to travel next. I've always wanted to go. So even though I can't pack up a suitcase, hop on a plane to enjoy the beaches and sun of such a far away land, I can still dream about it.


I may not wear wedges while walking for miles on end, but mixing prints and the layering trend is the look I am adopting for summer travel. In fact I may just dress like this on a Wednesday so even though I am not going anywhere I can just look like I am. It's the effortless carefree personality it portrays that has me loving this look.


Kate Moore said...

Layering is the travel go-to wardrobe. You just give up and put on everything and anything in your kit bag and, Lord knows, if you've got a good kit of clothes, it does work. Like magic. Always amazes me what outfits I discover born of necessity. Happy trails.

Cindy Van Dyck said...

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Vyque said...


Heather Feemster said...

You will love Australia and you're smart to just dress the part, the rest will manifest.....

JESSY DB said...

I saw this editorial last week on another blog and fell in love! Makes me want to pile everything in my closet on and take a road trip to nowhere! Keep posting :) Really digging your blog.

xo Jessy
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Anonymous said...

I've been building up to the ability to pull off this kind of layering for a while now. Travelling is also high on my list of priorities, I hope to at least return to the motherland (Dom. Rep.) later this summer, and then my first Euro adventure in Dec/Jan!

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