I have to admit that when True Blood first aired I couldn't even get through the first episode. But a few eps into the season everyone was talking about it and I had adored Anna Paquin from her other movies that I decided to give it a chance. I still watch it through my fingers, but I CAN'T tear myself away. The same goes for this Summer Fashion Editorial from Self Magazine featuring the lovely Anna.



Anna seriously looks amazing in a fresh, innocent yet sexy way. How do you pull that off? Well I know bathing suits show a lot of skin, as seen pictured but its funny how I this doesn't give off a cheap, put something on vibe. I am not saying all bikini's do that, but I've by passed many that show just the same amount of skin, but I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing. What makes these different?
Can it be the retro style, could Annette Funicello been an inspiration!?


It's hard to believe that back then this shot of Annette was scandalous.


A fun, flirty look can be easily achieved with bright colors, fun prints and letting the kid in you have fun.

Hoping your summer days are endless!

pic source:Hollywood Tuna



Jolie said...

I just love Anna, she is a phenomenal actor and she is just stunning as well! Great images, have to pick one up!

Kaye said...

She looks so beautiful

Anonymous said...

I LOVE True Blood, can't wait for the next season just in a few days!

Good pictures. She looks so good.

- Laura

WendyB said...

It's nice to see such happy-looking photos.

Indigo said...

Such beautiful colours! oooI'm all excited about some sunshine now!! XXX

Wrecked Stellar said...

These are super cute photos, love the surf board one! Did you ever see Back to the Beach with Annette? It's one of my favorite movies from my childhood! xo, mel

Heather Feemster said...

Fabulous shots. The bikini being retro makes it sweet for sure but I'm a bikini lover who's not scared, I grew up living in them and really think there's nothing sexier.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Such classic shots! Love Anna.

Vivian said...

Very well done. We need more fun photos like these in designer advertising.

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