I've had these shoes for 3 years and I have never worn them until yesterday! I bought them for my birthday 3 years ago justifying the price tag by saying these Coach Gold Wedges were a must and would be a style that I could wear for years. I was right on the years part, but why didn't I wear them, I still don't know. What pair of shoes have you had the longest?


My newest obsession - LETTERS! Say hello to my first personal item that I have taken to my cubicle. By the way I started a new job on Monday, its all so sudden, sorry I didn't let you know sooner. Anyways I have little by little collecting the letter A - you know for Alix and I've decided that its something I want to keep doing.

Inspired by:

Check out my wish list to see the different letter options am dying over!

Do you have a new obsession?



KelsyC said...

I totally love the letter trend!! I have big makeover plans for my house and I have the perfect wall to hang them on!

Wonder said...

Love the gold shoes! You should totally rock them all summer.

~L~ said...

I know what you mean.....with wedges being "IN" this summer, im bring out all my old styles!


WendyB said...

You need one of my Boleyn pendants with the letter "A"....I don't THINK you have one yet?

I have two pairs of shoes (that I personally got) that are 16 years old and vintage shoes that are older than that, of course.

I love rediscovering something I've had for a while.

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

your blog has the best pictures for inspiration

salt&prep said...

Love this post Alix!
Love the "A"s - what a cute idea!!
You might like this then,

As for the oldest pair of shoes - I'm one for a monthly closet clean-up, but there's one in there that have probably made it at least 7 years (my green chucks from college!)

jamieofalltrades said...

I love the letters on the wall idea.

Anonymous said...

I did the shoes thing too.. and I don't know why either :D

I hope the new job will be great!

- Laura

beth said...

My new obsession? The jewelry pieces in the fall Worth Collection!

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