Unfortunately Seattle has been a little under the weather, as in.. if I didn't know any better I would swear on my shoes that it was January. But I will give Seattle one thing, the flowers at Pike Place Market have never been more beautiful. The colors are vibrant and the flowers practically beg you to take them home. In effort to remind myself that Spring has sprung and Summer will be here any minute I am surrounding myself with flowers. So untie that scarf from your purse and in it's place put a bouquet of color.

The classic straw bag would not be complete without a bouquet of flowers. So even though you're tempted to sport your black leather bag..leave it at home.


The all neutral palette of her outfit is enhanced by the soft pink roses peeking out of her bag.

It's amazing how just looking at these pictures makes me smile. So if you want to smile all day long pick up a bouquet and I guarantee you will have at least one reason to smile today.

pic source: stockholmstreetstyle, google, weheartit


Love Stella Rose said...

lol they pictures made me smile as well and the post made me wish I lived in seattle as we are currently experiencing 106 degree weather..ugh

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

Love this trend!

Midtown Girl said...

I just bought my $8 deli pink roses for my apt..it brightens up the whole room - love flowers!!

Ashley said...

I love that last picture! The light brown leather just goes perfectly with the colorful flowers. What an adorable trend :)


Lynzy said...

Aw, great post:) I saw this when I got home from work (terrible day) But these flowers made my day !

xo Lynz


Niki said...

hello lovely! yes def long time no talk, i'm in the same boat of business! and oh man, finally someone who can attest to the pacific northwest weather. where is our summer!? yuck.

go cry wolf said...

mygawd, i actually want to try this out! i think i'm super allergic to some of them, though. shame.

xx rena.


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Annie said...

the handbag in the last pic is to die for. LOVE the leather!! no bracelets though? Sara recomended charms @ Persona (http://www.personaworld.com) and im lovin the way they compliment an outfit. (please don't swear on ur shoes btw :P)

kisses from Anne xx

Victoria said...

This pictures are beautiful. And yes, this is one of the many perks of living in Seattle! We get awesome bouquets for hella cheap. I love the bold bouquets but I purchase the muted, pastel ones with peachy peonies. Perhaps because they look good in my gray bag ;)

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