Close up your closet and pull out 6 items of clothes- ONLY 6- that you could wear for 30 days. I was watching television this morning and Heidi of sixitemsorless.com was being interviewed about her adventure of trying to make 6 items fashionable for a month. On her adventure 100’s through twitter/website decided to take the leap with her.
I’ve heard different of versions of this done by various bloggers over the past year, but some reason this time I really thought about it.
Could I really choose 6 pieces? What 6 pieces? What would people say? Could I make 30 days of outfits out of these for real? What would people say? What would people think? Would they notice?
The more I started to think about it, I realized it was really my own insecurities that were getting in the way. I doubt the people I see everyday can remember what I wore last week... I can hardly remember. Sure I would have events, birthdays, meetings that would challenge me every day. Of course as a fashion blogger I have a little added of trying to keep things new and interesting, but the challenge could be a great thing for the blog….
Also I spend so much time sorting through clothes at night, in the morning that this would take that stress out of my life for at least 30 days and maybe my room wouldn’t look like a tornado went through it for once.
The more I think about it, the more I think I can do it. I don’t have to decide now, but they will be doing a challenge this fall and I just might do it.Will you?

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KelsyC said...

Yikes! I would DIE! I have been considering the 30 for 30 though.

Love Stella Rose said...

oh that is a toughie! I dont know if I could. I do love a challenge though and would probably try just for challenge sake. I would love to see the 6 pieces other people feel are the best to cross style for a month. Interested VERY interested! GO FOR IT!

holly in heels said...

I'm FOR SURE doin' it! I love a challenge!

AlixRose said...

KelsyC - 30 for 30. I dont think I know what that is. Explain please?

Love Stella Rose - I like a challenge too, but this is really playing with my fashion mindset. I am really considering it.

Holly - Awesome, love your enthusiasim.

Anonymous said...

I-JUST-CAN'T. I don't think I can only wear 6 clothes during 2 weeks, so even less for 30! :D

- Laura

Wrecked Stellar said...

Hey hon! I've definitely thought about something like this- only my scenario consisted of just wearing basic t-shirts in different colors for a year. :) I think I would totally partake in this challenge and it's interesting to see what items people pick. Does this exclude accessories like scarves/hats/jewelry? Let me know if you do it and we can do it together! xo, mel

Style with Benefits said...

Great idea! It would force us all to be resourceful and creative... love it! I'd also be down; need to read more about it.

p.s. i love your hair twists and orange nails in the post below!

xx, becs

KelsyC said...

The 30 for 30 is a clothing challenge where you get to pick 30 pcs and can only were those 30 for a month. Here are some blogs:

etoilee8 said...

Ooooh this is such a challenge, I would love to try but I just don't know if I could do it. I keep changing my mind on the pieces which I would wear.

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