Doesn't every girl dream of being a princess?I know I did ....and a little part of me thinks that I still have a chance with Prince Harry. Even though I will never wear an official crown, I can still enjoy a head piece. These images of elaborate head pieces make my heart flutter and if you're looking to indulge in a head piece purchase, Little Doe has two that has me currently looking for a reason to wear them. Do you have a reason?

Little Doe Crowns

Its sad that I can't even find one reason to wear a crown! What is the world coming to?
The Butterfly crown would look good on my dresser.. hmmm!

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PS. If only he was my prince charming!



Neekoh said...

These tickle my fancy so much!! I want to wear one everywhere I go :)


MizzJ said...

So true! I wish couture could be worn for the everyday, but then I guess that's why it's called couture and not RTW! haha

queengilda said...

i do so love crowns too. i have 2 that i made myself, and sadly the only times they have smelt the outside air is when i wore them to a patricia field party.

i want more crowns... but more than crowns, i want mr depp. he looks so fineee. :)

Poochie said...

So pretty!

I love that butterfly crown too... too bad it's $2500!

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