When it comes to colors of the rainbow, yellow has always been in the middle of love and hate. Some people love to wear it and others hate the way it looks on them. It really all depends ... take a look at these yellow loving looks and maybe you will be inspired to add it to your closet.

Polka dots maybe the eye catcher but high yellowed heels will make people take a second look.

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Even with a metallic top and an orange detailed jacket you would think that the yellow would be a little too much.. so glad I was proven wrong.

I am all for wearing a yellow dress, it was my birthday day dress color a few years back. It works with porcelain skin and tanned - not many colors can do that. Please try and focus on the dress, I know Joseph Gordon-Levitt can be a little distracting. ;)

Moral to the story: When the sun doesn't want to come out you just bring it out yourself.

Thanks to those of you who left your twitter handles, I am now following you back. I look forward to tweeting it up with you! ;)

pic source: fashiongonerogue, altamira, suicideblonde


jamieofalltrades said...

This post is a great reminder I need to bust out my yellow flats. The scream summer!

Rheanne said...

love the first out fit ♥


love, x

Love Food said...

You may have just converted me to a yellow lover!


WendyB said...

I love seeing yellow because it reminds me how, in 2006, two fashion experts told me people would NEVER wear yellow. I enjoy reliving my hate for those dumb bitches.

redmenace said...

I'm in love with all things polka dotted!

Unknown said...

Love your wit! :) These are awesome outfits! I want them all.


Unknown said...

I love yellow, I don't know why I never wear it!!
Great looks, love the fit of the last dress!

{ aggie } said...

I just bought this beautiful yellow tee that fits wonderfully!

I've always felt that yellow epitomizes summer perfectly ;)

Lynzy said...

Aw yellow sunshine, always puts a smile on my face :)

XO Lynzy

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