Should you be carrying an extra pair of tights in your purse? This morning I wish I was! My plan to wear a fun flirty dress was quickly thrown out when the clouds and breeze hit my legs. Brrrrr! Since my inspiration has been street style with not your average skirt appeal, I stood in my bedroom and tried not to panic at the thought of missing my bus because I didn't know what to wear. If I had a pair of tights in my purse I wouldn't be wearing jeans right now.
Some of my favorite looks and here's what I would do to make them SEATTLE friendly!

Love this look, the feather skirt paired with a tank could easily be a cocktail/HH look. In Seattle all I would need is a blazer and some tights.
A hat with a sequin skirt, fun and no sun needed. It would be nice, but not required. Seattle friendly just add a jean jacket and some black tights.

I think this is a lace dress and the casual military trendy coat with a belted waist, ah so perfect. Seattle Friendly - I think those are suede shoes, so just switch those out to rain proof and this would work!

This is just a peek into what my mind runs through when looking at street style sites! I always try to figure out how it would work in Seattle, the things I do for the city I love.


WendyB said...

Love the feathers!

Vyque said...

love the shoes in the bottom pic!! Also, this concept of cool weather right now completely confuses me

AlixRose said...

WB - I do too also love that its a light pink.

V - It confuses me too, but Seattle always has you guessing. The sun is out right now but you never know.

daisybabie said...

i'm wishing for colder temps! love the skirt in the first pic.

Jade said...

very cute :)

Style with Benefits said...

Sounds like you need to carry that extra pair of tights around with the Seattle weather! Love all of the streetstyle photos, esp. that last one. The lace dress is perfect and the idea to throw a military style jacket over it is a great contrast!

xx, becs

Raez said...

love this! these girls' outfits, so perfect.

xx raez

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