I surf a lot of different online shops for new styles and sales, but there's always one that I fail to check out. Thanks to a fashion editorial in Lucky Magazine I was reminded to actually take a look at Victoria's Secret. It always surprises me to see other clothing designs besides underwear. Here are some on trend dresses that would be welcomed additions to anyones closet this summer.


At first look this fitted dress looks like it could be quite uncomfortable, but then you find out that its made of jersey. One of my favorite materials, this makes this dress even more appealing.


This is sweetly called the play dress, am not sure if its because the animal print plus the sweetheart neckline is playfully sexy or because the skirt would definitely give you enough room to skip/play in. Maybe its both.


The classic tube top flower print dress, been around forever and won't be going anywhere soon.

Victoria's Secret is definitely in tune with what a girl looks for in a summer dress and hopefully now I won't forgt to check the site out for styles, every now and then.



Heather Feemster said...

These are pretty cute and I've never been a big fan of their clothes.

Midtown Girl said...

You know what VS has that is a fabulous deal - those button up shirt dresses, such a steal and comes in a ton of different colors!! Perfect for beach to boardwalk outfits ;-)

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

I find their stuff to be affordable and it always goes on sale pretty quickly! I just hate not being able to try things on...

xoxo, Ashley

WendyB said...

I used to buy some stuff from them way back in the '90s but at the time the quality was terrible so I gave it up.

Lynzy said...

My favorite is the play dress!<3

xo Lynzy

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