A-B-C Steps For A Stylish Trip & 3 Forget Me Nots To Be Airport Ready .

Airports have been a big part of my life for the last few years and I just realized that I have developed a formula for how I fly, for example I pack the night before and always way too much. Only recently I have come to understanding that the way you dress for your flight depends on why you're flying. But there's an easy A-B-C rule to follow so that you're ready to board any flight...anywhere.


Avoid being a bag lady. I know better than anyone that two carry on bags equals not enough. But rules and regulations have put some restrictions on what we can do and we have to begrudgingly live with it. Natalie Portman an amazing actress sadly is my example of what not to do. It looks like she's in a fight with her carry ons and she's losing.


In every day life I am against roller bags, but a suitcase is different. It fits all of your odds and ends - I know how they can build up, but it also keeps your hands free. It stream lines your look and you won't be tied down by your luggage.

Blazers - I know my love for them has been a running theme on my blog the last few weeks. But in an unbiased way I know its the comfortable and cool way to go. ;)

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It can get pretty cold on the plane - a coat is to bulky, a sweater to messy - the structured blazer offers style and comfort. It's personally one of my favorite ways to fly, but I probably didn't need to tell you that.

Classic You
I tend to see a lot of sweats and hats when I get on the plane so I think its important to remember to stay you.

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You don't have to sacrifice your personal style just because your commute is not in a car and most likely a few hours longer.

:Top 3 Forget Me Nots:
  1. Shoes that come off easily, I know a lot of people opt to go with sandals, but I always wear slip off shoes and socks. I just don't like to have my bare feet on the airport floor.
  2. No ponytails or buns - It doesn't matter how much of a rush I am in, I do not go for the pony tail or bun. I like to lay back in my seat and the pony/bun makes it difficult to do that.
  3. Make up bag in your carry on that goes under the seat. I like to refresh before I land and having my make up bag within hands reach is a must.

What brought on this airport post? I happen to be flying out to Chicago for the next few days and I was inspired.

Do you have any airport tips that you live by? Please share!



Unknown said...

great tips alix!! i feel the same way about bare feet on the plane- kind gross :S
what about jewelry? i keep my persona bracelet on and maybe a light necklace but i wouldn't wear nething as clunky as what vanessa hudgens is wearing in that pic.

AlixRose said...

I am so glad you mentioned it. I don't wear any jewelry to the airport because of detectors .. but I do keep some in my carry on - so I can pop on earrings and a necklace after Ive gone through security. I feel so weird without it though.

Anonymous said...

Sunglasses! So if you are flying overnight one can see your bloodshot eyes in the morning from lack of sleep.

jamieofalltrades said...

Great tips since I'm packing this weekend for a long trip and was thinking about my airport outfit. I always bring a big scarf/pashmina. It doubles as a blanket!

Unknown said...

i really like your post...very cool!

i also like to still look trendy when flying. i think it makes it feel that much more adventurous and fun. people giggle about me trying to look good on a flight, but i like it. :)

Heather Feemster said...

Great points and those tennis shoes, where's Portmans stylist?? Should I send her my card? And Jen Aniston needs to unroll her jeans, I've seen it 100 times on her this summer...sorry to be negative but I had to say it!

Sara said...

My best tips include
-avoid pants that require a belt, you're just going to have to take it off at security
-pack your laptop somewhere it can go in and out of your carry-on easy... there's nothing worse than being behind the idiot who has to unpack her whole carry-on at security
-look good, who knows who might be on your flight!

Donna Antoine said...

The tip about rolling luggage, so true! It's much more comfortable when you have to trek through acres of airports when you have connecting flights. Thanks for your other tips. As someone who does a lot of travelling, I'm always on the look out for good ideas. Also, when you want to take advantage of duty-free shopping, don't buy any liquids until you reach your final destination. Some airports make you go through security again, even when you are just connecting. I saw a VERY angry couple screaming at a security guy in Warsaw, when they had to throw out a huge bottle of liquor and some very nice perfume (still in the sealed duty-free bag) they had just bought!

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