Head Pieces That Are Fun & Sexy! In No Time You Will Be Hopelessly Devoted To These!


Yesterday I realized I don't wear enough hair art. Sometimes a regular headband dressed up with a bow or design can feel a little too young for me. I am at the weird age where I ask myself, is this too young for me? - but thats another blog post. In my effort to find something grown up and fun art pieces I came across Hopelessly Devoted.

First of all a pinwheel, an accordian and a heart are whimsical shapes, but Hopelessly Devoted somehow makes them a little sexy.


This isn't actually something I would wear to work, but anyone of these would be fun for Happy Hours,on a date or just to add a little grown up style to a favorite outfit.

Do you wear hair any hair art?


Rheanne said...

I love the heasd pieces ♥
Loving you Blog too ♥

^^please follow
love, x

Miss Molly said...

i go a bit over board in the hair art sometimes.. it normally results in odd looks but who cares!

really tempted to try a turban, just not sure it will suit me!


Anonymous said...

Not at all. I don't like them too much..

- Laura

Wrecked Stellar said...

I don't wear hair art- the farthest I go are headbands :) Can't wait for our Nov. experiment!! xo, mel

Heather Feemster said...

I like it, I have one small artsy hair clip. I wear a lot of hats but you are inspiring me to wear some art.

Happy Weekend!

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