Just One Of Them Days That A Girl Goes Through!


Those days seem to be happening a lot this week. If you can identify with me, then I am sorry! It pains me that I haven't posted in the last few days, but some of you may know I started a new job - which I love - and its taking some time to adjust to work and blogging. Trying to blog after I get home has been a fight, especially since I try to hit the gym at 5am - call me crazy!
So if you are like me and could you a heavy dose of eye candy, then this is for you!

Gwen Stefani has her own style that is beautiful and original - she's a constant inspiration for me. Snow White, my mom used to call me her little snow white, because I have a light complexion and black black hair.

Audrey and I have the same birthday. A girls best friend her fashion magazines and the phone.


I dont have a reason to wear a dress like this, but I would love to wear this.


My favorite trends - lace and flower print.


The only reason I will be seeing Eat. Pray.Love.

I will be back to regular blogging next week! I have a notebook full of trends, opinions, stories and inspirational images that I cant wait to share.

Happy Friday!



KelsyC said...


Amy said...

Love these: especially the first.


Indigo said...

ahhh thank you! I needed that too! <3 xx

Annie Spandex said...

Gwen's necklace, OMG! That's pretty cool, I love it :)

Heather Feemster said...

Such gorgeous photos, what a fantastic post. Well you might be busy (congrats on the new job) but the blog is looking good none the less!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

I can definitely relate to finding time to blog. This post as the interim article is fab. I love the pics, and they are all inspirational. Gwen has always been an inspiration to me as well.

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