See For Yourself: Fashion + Technology = Beautiful Bracelets


Jingle Jangle me oh my - These words are currently making up some kind of song running through my head. But it did get me thinking how much I really do miss the jingle jangle of my bracelets. I am the person that you can hear walking behind you because I have 5 or more bracelets on. Their beautiful noise once put a bounce in my step.. but times I have changed. Desk life has left my beloved bracelets in my jewel box at home.


You know how it is, typing, drinking tea, writing notes, talking with your hands - the jingle jangle of the bracelets became annoying. Not only that but their weight and their sized made them uncomfortable when you typed. What can a girl do? Well this girl decided to take the bracelets off - then I had a thought - Cuffs or thin bracelets. We all have a light bulb moment and this was mine, thank you to Nervous System on Etsy.

The design was what caught my eye - tree branches, skeletal - what is it? That question alone made me excited, I love pieces that can lead to conversations.

"Nervous System is an experimental design firm that uses new technologies to reinterpret natural phenomena. Instead of designing individual objects, we write computer programs that detail a design process generating a myriad of designs." via thier website .


Yes a computer program created this.. as a girl who lives most of her life behind a computer I gave it instant cool points.

Fashion + Technology = beauty that you can wear!

Are you a bracelet person?



thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

I don't wear a lot of jewelry but i would wear these. they are really different. not something you see everyday.

Emma said...

I Really Love these Bracelets ! $75.00 is a stretch though, I will have to wait til after Christmas on this one. : (
Hopefully I get my Christmas shopping done early : )

Julia - Duffle said...

Another useful post. You keep churning out some good info!

Heather Feemster said...

I love all jewels and have a few key bracelets I wear all the time, these are innovative for sure. Glad you found something to wear to work!

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