Great news! I've found a place to call home! It's a studio apartment with a small kitchen, a big closet and a balcony. First of all searching for an apartment is the most hetic nerve racking thing ever. I am just glad I am on to the fun part now. Well kind of, trying to put your style into furniture pieces is harder than I thought it would be. I love shopping, clothes shopping... home shopping, thats a different story. Will I ever find a couch? Is it silly to compare dress shopping to couch shopping? Well I am going to.

Dresses are the main part of the outfit, they make the statement but they can't fully express the look you are going for without accessories. It's the same for a couch, a couch makes a statement, is it a sectional, a loveseat? What kind of fabric, does it have a pattern? What look are you trying to go for? See my dress - couch comparison, not so silly.

It's funny how a couch that you really just sit on can take a few days of your life to find and then commit too. So a couch is also like a relationship! Then so is a dress, it's something that you depend on to make you look good. :)

Will I ever find a couch? It might take me longer and a little more patience then it would to find a dress, but I am more than hopeful that I will.


samantha ramage said...

i think your analogy is great. iwork in interior design sales and at first it took me a while to realize that dressing the home is not too different than dressing the body. i am confident you will find a sofa! get something neutral and then layer colorful pillows like you would jewels with a dress!


X'tian Ou said...

haha dont worry, you'll find the perfect one!

JennyPurr said...

Where do you find these awesome photos? They make for great inspiration.

I saw this on Martha Stewart a while back, and always wanted to try it. Door as a headboard: http://www.marthastewart.com/good-thing/door-headboard

lu said...

ah, good luck! i love furnishing apts, even though it is so stressful and time consuming.


Emma said...

These pics are Great ! Btw, I too am a Seattle Fashion Blogger and was wondering if there are ever any blogger meet ups ? You are the second SEattle blogger I have asked so hopefully you will answer my question. No answer from the first person. Thanks

Briana said...

wow, i so want my room to look like that first shot! incredible.


silviasiantar said...

beautiful apartment designs. how about carrie bradshaw's iconic apartment???:) that is my all time fave interior design.

following you and linked you on my blog.


Wrecked Stellar said...

Hey hon! Congratulations on finding a home! Yes, a couch does take time or you can be like me and Bec and be looking for a kitchen table and end up taking a couch too because it's so soft and comfy :). Good luck!! xo, mel

AlixRose said...

Yeah I was able to comment on everyones blogs except Mel's - so this is for you!
WS - I like your style - I've been looking for a couch but coming home with vases and a coffee table - haha!

Annie Spandex said...

I go function before fashion with couches in a way. I once fulfilled a dream of having a daybed instead of a couch. It was sooo comfortable! I ended up taking it apart and using the mattress for an antique bedframe in the guest room.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finding a place, furnishing is always hard, all the comparisons you make are totally true! Your couch expresses what you want for the space, so take your time, and make sure you visit those odd stores nearby you never know what treasures you'll find!

Rheanne said...

i love creative little things, you seem to post so many pictures that im in love with and thats made me follow you:) i might have to take some of them one day :)

Love, x

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