Your Bag Is Sooo Big! Would You Ever Bling It Up?

I am currently on business trip in Chicago.... wish I had more time to explore the city -but there's always next time. Anyways I have to carry my laptop with me everywhere I go, so my bag litterally feels this big to me.


Of course if this was my bag I wouldn't care how big it is...sign me up!


Would you ever bling out your day bag?

Thanks to Leah & Bliss you can have a large handbag that's already bejeweled or you can have your favorite bag customized.



It costs a pretty shiny penny, but really how fun are these?


DWJ said...

Why did I gasp when I saw this bag?! I'm a big endorser of bling in the day, I'm a big fan of bling. I mean, it makes everything instantly better. I would totally do this.

365 Fashion Rehab said...

What a cool idea! It reminds me of when cell phones were being encrusted with sparkles!
Me likey!
Love, P

Rheanne said...

i love bags like that ♥

Love, x

Emma said...

Love Them ! They make a Statement.

Kat said...

cute blog! these bags are adorable!

please check out my blog and follow it if you like it :)


Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

I am into more subtle bling. But then again, these bags definitely make a statement! And isn't that what fashion is all about?

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