Fall Must Have: OXFORDS - Have Me Dreaming Of Fall Outfits!

At 4'11 I try to stay away from flat shoes, but even I need a break from heels. This summer I spent at least 2 days a week in my black and white Keds, they were good to me. Fall of course has come a little early to Seattle, its raining as I write this post.Of course this got me thinking about what kind of flat shoes will look good for work and play this fall... Oxfords instantly came to mind.

The fun thing about them and what is illustrated in these photos is that the sophisticated shoes have a lot of personality. They can go with fun flirty dresses, jeans, blazers and slacks. They stand out in an understated way.




I used to buy shoes because they would go with an outfit I already had, but these shoes make me think about clothes that I need to buy.... the little black dress, the leopard tights, the hounds tooth skirt and the military coat. It's funny how all of these pieces are so different but Oxford shoes will look fabulous with all of them.

These are on my wish list at Aldo.

I won't be wearing flats 7 days a week, but the few days I do I want some good looking shoes!


Poochie said...

I'm a huge fan of oxfords. I'm wearing a black patent pair right now!

samantha ramage said...

so janelle monae! love the look of oxfords but with my flat feet i would probably never wear them!


Unknown said...

I was dying to find a cute pair of oxfords this past winter and I can't say how thrilled I am to see so many styles at so many affordable prices! I'm in love with a grey pair at Report - heavily considering a treat when I get my jaunty paycheck!

Keeli_A said...

I like the flat Oxfords but I LOVE the heeled ones!!! Didn't buy a pair last fall but am now thinking I may need to. I have my eye on a pair of Fossil chunky heeled oxfords right now and I have just the plaid skirt to wear them with :)

Vyque said...

I love the idea of laceless oxfords - very schoolboy prep at the end of the day

Lisa said...

Yes to oxfords! I wore through a cheapie pair from Aldo and had to buy two other pairs--a gray wingtip pair from Camper and a black patent pair from American Apparel. They're such a great alternative to ballet flats to pair with skinny jeans, shorts and tights, skirts, etc. If you can wear a ballet flat with an outfit, replace them with oxfords; they instantly add a touch of androgyny and cool.

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