It's no secret that tights aren't going anywhere, in fact they will be on legs all over the city in the months to come. I confess I don't like nylons! I prefer to go bare legged, but when a pair of nylons come in a color or a fun design, I will be the first one to wear them. I have a drawer full of tights in different solid colors and just a few with designs...looking at this inspired Steven Miesel "Print" editorial and the street style photos below I've realized that has to change.



Prints Prints Prints galore - I won't lie to you, most of my winter clothes are gray and black. How did that happen??? I really wish I knew. I do love color and fun - thanks to tights I can still indulge in a subtle way. If you're looking at these pictures and think - Yes Alix this is cool but it only works if you're in a fashion magazine. Well look at these pictures of actual people in the real world.


The peek-a-boo leggings, sexy and it barely even shows anything. Genius!


Freja in her sequins leggings - perfectly paired with a men's sweater.

Can you see the pants/legging - barely right?

It's often said that fashion is fun and to me the amazing versatility of these tights and leggings just prove it.

I can't wait to stock up!



Heather Feemster said...

I want Freja's outfit now!!!!! SO CUTE.

Anonymous said...

LOVE those 1st two!

Emma said...

I Love tights and leggings ! I think that leggings make most people appear thinner, that is why I love them so much : )

Kate Moore said...

Funny you should mention it. Today I am wearing bright yellow stockings and it's only 6.30am and I've had two comments. One from my partner who just said "ooh, jaundice" and another from a fellow commuter who I don't even really know, just see every morning. Bright yellow. :)

Annie @ Wiloh said...

I love them all but the sequins and sweater is so inspiring!

Niki said...

the cutout leggings and the sequin leggings = AMAZING. Love them.

Miss Molly said...

these are seriously great!



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