My fascination with the beanie has been going on for years. I've never owned one, but I have always admired how others wear it. I just don't get how they stay on your head, especially when its worn so far back .... wouldn't fall off with one gust of wind? I guess not.

In the last few months I've seen Nina Dobrev from the Vampire Diaries (You know you watch it!) wear it on her time off. Then Blake Lively, I probably don't have to explain who she is - wear it on the set of Gossip Girl. They wear it in two very different ways - casual and dressed up. So then I had to ask myself why have I never taken the leap and actually bought one? Is their a stylish item that you've admired from afar but never bought?

These two stylish ladies rock it with the short hair look, but I am a bigger fan of the long hair cascading out of the hat.

Most of these are casual weekend pictures, but with winter right in front of us - the wind will start picking up and a beanie would be the perfect accessory to go along with your boots and over coats. I walk practically everywhere so this would definitely help on those windy days where I am fighting my hair off my face. I like to see where I am going!

But of course as these pictures prove you don't need a bad hair day to wear one!


Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE my beanies!!!
You must take the leap & buy one. They stay on...promise :)

Anonymous said...

I just love beanies! I'll probably buy some more this season..

- Laura

KelsyC said...

Love love love HATS!!!

WendyB said...

My vote: it's stapled on.

Ashe Mischief said...

Oh, I TOTALLY watch the Vampire Diaries.

Also I love having a beanie, but sometimes when they're REALLY big it's hard to style them to look right and not just look weird?

Livie said...

love how it looks on these ladies but i'm with you - it feels like it might fall off. i also have long side swept bangs and they always seem messy if they stick out a bit.

Ash Fox said...

i kinda love the big ones with all the hair tucked in to it.


Keeli_A said...

I have several beanies just like this and they are amazing! My favorite one - by far - that I own comes from Goorin Bros. hat shop. They are a privately owned hat chain that has been around for awhile. In the last year they opened a store on the Ave (University Way) in the University District. I highly recommend stopping by. They have various classic styles, all great quality, laid back staff, and the store has such a neat set up that it makes for a great shopping experience!

Miss Molly said...

also loving the beanie trend.. my boyfriend has a great slouch fit beanie so i sometimes steal his!



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