Bow - dacious My New Bow Ring!


I like to head to H&M every once in awhile and stock up on some jewelry. They usually have fun pieces that won't break the bank, so when I lose it or break it - I don't feel so bad. Its a win win for me. I know the bow ring was hot all summer but this gold beauty told me it would be my friend during the winter months - in other words I had to get it.


The sparkle of this bow has been catching eyes everywhere. The lady at work loved it, my mom tried to steal it from me and the bus driver this morning told me he really liked my ring.

To tell you the truth even if no one commented on it this would still be a favorite of mine.

I hope you have a bodacious day - what? You know that I am cheesy!


Carolyn said...

the ring is adorable! i'm LOVING your nails

The Anthology said...

Love H&M for costume pieces. Can't really go wrong with them, can you?

That ring's cute!


The Fashion Buzz said...

What a really beautiful ring- H&M are great for their statement jewellery, reminds us of something from the Tudor period!

madeleine said...

So pretty and feminine, smiling at this.

Traci said...

That'll turn some heads! Bodacious....

Lydia said...

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