Happy Halloween: My Costume.


Halloween is always a little of a stress headache for me. I never know what to be. Luckily a little last minute shopping panned out. I was going for the whole Bonnie - who killed Clyde for the money, but most people thought I was a French Spy and I liked that better.

The coat, the boots, the skirt and the tank top underneath the coat were all from my closet. I bought the beret, the tommy gun and the wig. The wig was the best investment, it completely transformed my look.

I went to a house party and had the best time last night, I hope you had or will have a great Halloween.


Blasé said...

Careful with that thing...you could shoot somebody's eye out.

{ aggie } said...

Great idea for a costume! Never thought of dressing up as Bonnie. Was there a Clyde?

WendyB said...

I thought that owl was hanging from your gun at first.

Heather Feemster said...

I knew you were Bonnie, you looked great.

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