Let's Share Some Of Our Favorite Things!

I tend to humm "My Favorite Things" more than any other song, so I decided to have fun with it and post some of my favorite style pictures - for this week anyway. Like Nicole Richie I have been wearing a lot of black and grey, so I love that she added a red scarf. I am a fan of adding red to an outfit as much as possible and since I am new to the scarf world - I don't have one and now its on my must have list.

This hat is everything I could want and more. I think I would even sleep in it.

I think you should always wear something that makes you smile. This bear ring would definitely do it for me. Its fun to be silly sometimes.

Abbey Lee is one of my favorite models and she's also a hippie. Something I would love to be - in theory. I love the eclectic look, but never seem to pull it off.
I will one day.

What are some of your favorite things?

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KelsyC said...

No scarves? Thats possible? They are a cold weather STAPLE! So easy to throw on for a HUGE punch of color. Heck, I wear them YEAR ROUND! With all the fabrics and patterns and knits... so many options. Sometimes I opt for a scarf instead of a necklace.

Styles 'n Cream said...

I love the eclectic style of Abbie Lee.

I love your blog by the way,


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