Are You More Inclined To Sport The Downtown Or The Princess Prep?

My adoration for Blazers isn't anything new to the blog. I seriously try not wear one everyday. Fall and winter are prime blazer seasons. This downtown casual cool look vs the school girl glamour look are just two ways to wear it.

If I am telling the truth and I never lie here - I like to wear a little bit of both. It's true I am an accessories lover so I lean a little more towards the princess look. It depends on the day. :)

Are you more inclined to sport the downtown or the princess prep?


Heather Feemster said...

I was just going to say when I first read the question is that it just totally depends on the day! I love both.

Anonymous said...

Ohh... I only have downtown cool, I have been looking for the right one to glam up a bit more, but it definitely does depend on the day!

Ripped Nylon

The Fashion Buzz said...

Have to say it's hard to choose... both look so great!

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