Fashion Flashback : Penny Loafers, Will They Make A Comeback?

This fashion flashback is brought to you by the lovely Dianna Agron. I completely forgot that I used to own, love and wear my penny loafers on a daily basis. As a catholic school uniform girl my shoes were my only expression. What did the penny loafers say about me? I don't really know, but I remember that I had to have them.

I haven't thought about them in forever, but when I saw this fashion shoot, it got me thinking - Will the penny loafer ever be trendy again?


jamieofalltrades said...

So adorable!

MizzJ said...

They certainly look great here!

Tell me why you're high maintenance for a chance to win a pair of House of Harlow earrings in Part 1 of my Holiday Giveaway Bonanza!

Heather Feemster said...

Since loafers in general are huge right now the penny will soon follow. I'm sure ladies in Paris, Milan & NY are wearing them as we speak.

P.S. I loved mine too back in the day.

samantha ramage said...

i am sure penny loafers are already back as well as every other nerdy trend like oversized glasses!

what's next- pocket protectors?


Jen HaHA said...

I remember wearing penny loafers in 4th grade, I believe, which was 1981. My classmate made fun of me while our whole class was lined up for choir. She laughed hysterically. I looked at what she was wearing which was a bright yellow foofy chiffon dress. One of us was being fashion forward. One of us held back retaliation. I still remember her name: Janise. One day when I'm famous I'll tell this story. That day will never come, so I share it now.

vegas fashion stylist said...

yes, yes, yes Penny Loafers are here to stay. After blogging about shoes for the season, I had to buy a pair of Bass ones. $60 bucks at endless, tax-free, and free shipping.


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