The Fun Box: Smash Box Eye Wish Palette


I did a little make up shopping and I was instantly pulled in by the shiny Smash Box eyeshadow treasure box.

Doesn't it look like a present.


The best thing about this is that all of my favorite colors are in one place. I default to browns and blacks on most days, but purples and green/blues are my favorite weekend going out colors.


This little present came with primer for your lids, which I highly recc'd. I rub my eyes too much not to have it. The small mascara is a plus - it fits perfectly in a clutch for a touch up.


I wish this was a better picture. But it looks bettter in person - trust me. The little treasure box comes with instructions on how to do a smokey eye - a day look and so on. It's really helpful for me. I am still a beginner when it comes to eye shadow fun.

I've only had this for two days and I love it.


c3 said...

I just bought the greatest makeup I've ever bought in my life! I usually use MAC, Urban Decay, Hard Candy, & Sephora brands, but I just nearly died when I made this "on a whim" purchase.... Its called Profusion. I was at Walgreen's just for a chapstick and an ankle brace (battle wounds from a crazy sport!), and I passed this 120 color gift set. It had gorgeous shimmery colors and I almost didn't buy it because it was $10 - how good can a $10 case of 120 eyeshadows be? But those vibrant colors sold me, wouldn't have been an expensive mistake either way.

And my review, let me tell you - A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! The most shimmery, bright, blendable colors I have ever purchased. There isn't a color I don't own now! And the colors mix better than my pro shadow in my makeup kit! I am still in fashion shock that I have that many new eyeshadows for less than the price I paid for one shadow.... I am telling everyone about my find <3 Try it!! Go to Walgreens, its called Profusion Ultimate Blockbuster! :)

F/M said...

Those colors - yum!

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