I Know This Is A Fashion Blog - A Look Into My Apartment


I moved into my apartment the first week of Sept and little by little I have been making it my home. It has been fun and stressful trying to make my space my own. You have an idea in your head, but sometimes what you have in mind comes out completely different. This has been a rewarding and eye opening learning process.
I never thought I would have a white leather couch or a pub table!!!!


I live in a one bedroom studio so I live mostly in the living/dining area.
Finding a table almost killed me. I wanted something I could eat and work on but wouldn't take up a lot of space. This was perfect especially since the stools fit perfectly under the table.


The best part of my apartment is the view from the balcony.

It has been fun buying for my place, but buying shoes is so much easier.


Unknown said...

OMG your apartment is AMAZING. I love what you've done to the place. I love decorating new apartments but I feel like I never finish them in time before it's time to move again.


madeleine said...

It's really tranquil and beautiful ... and very functional.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to get my own place to decorate it! But I know it would be hard..

Awesome sofa. I love the white in houses.

- Laura

{ aggie } said...

I think you decorated it nicely! I love your turquoise wall!

Will definitely use that color if I ever need to paint a wall.

Carolyn said...

your view is incredible!

Heather Feemster said...

You did a great job, how fun! Nice view.

Black is the New Black said...

ahhh lovely!! we're looking at places in Seattle now - so jealous of your view!

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