Christmas Nails: Glitter Green.


I love Christmas and I like to have as much fun with it as possible. So that's how my nails became a glittery green. Even though I might be bundled up in black and grey at least my nails can have the Christmas present.


They look like tree ornaments.

It was pretty easy just a base coat of a light green and then a few layers of green sparkles.
How are you tying in the Holidays into your everyday wear?

I got these professionally done, I can't paint my nails without getting it all over myself.


Unknown said...

Love your nails! I ended up pouring glitter all over mine hahaha! Love Christmas - best time of year!!!!! Happy Christmas btw! yeahitsshyy.blogspot.com xxxxx

AlixRose said...

Awesome. Merry Christmas to you too.

Indigo said...

wow these are lush xxx

{ aggie } said...

Ooo pretty color! Very Christmas-y :D

But I think the manicurist should've cleaned up some of the glitter around the cuticles ;)

WendyB said...


Annalise said...

How fun!! I want candy cane nails now.

Emma said...

Love the nails ! I also did Green nails for the Holidays except no glitter for me : )

BrennaLu said...

Wow, I love these glitter nails!

Check out my fashion blog and follow if you like it!


thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

ooohhh pretty festive nails. my nail polish chipped the other day.

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