Day Fashion: The Sequined Skirt!

It all started with the sequin skirts below from J.Crew that got me thinking, why do I only wear sequins at night? Its not like I am ashamed of them. I love them, in an almost obsessive way. I took a look at my closet and realized I really have too many sequin options then I know what to do with and that's ok by me. But what better time than the Christmas season to bring a little shine and sparkle to the winter days. My current obsession in the sequin family is the skirt - these I do not have enough of.. at all.

These are the J.Crew pictures that started it all. The contrast between the glamour and the casual look - are all kinds of awesome in my book. Of course in Seattle leggings/tights would have to be put in this equation.

What's amazing about sequin skirts - they will never go out of style and the way they can be so versatile keep these a favorite of mine.

Sequin on people.. sequin on.

source: click images for source and shopping.



Fashion Court said...

i'm so glad sequins always are in style. i bought dresses at h&m like 2 years ago that are fully sequined and i still love them

Neekoh said...

The more I see them, the more I'm convinced that one needs to make its way into my closet. ASAP.


AlixRose said...

I completely agree - I have dresses from 2 years ago and I still wear then out. And I WANT MORE!

Neekoh - yes get some in your closet asap. :)

Poochie said...

I'm a big sequin fan and wear them all the time. Why wait for a special occassion?

Meghan said...

love this post as I, too, am obsessed with sequin skirts right now! wearing one here, in fact! http://witwhimsy.com/2010/12/13/sneak-pek/

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